Merged by mistake!

I merged a few chapters together by mistake, and now can’t split them again (other than manually). There was no Undo option, so wondered if anyone knows a workaround?

Use Split at Selection (cmd-K) - just place the cursor where you want to split them. You will have to split out the notes and keywords etc manually, though, I am afraid.

All the best,

Thanks, much appreciated. Luckily I haven’t used any keywords yet. And still a bit puzzled about notes and corkboard.

I thought when you put a text file in it automatically became a corkboard card (and visa versa). I haven’t developed an intuitive way of working with Scrivener yet, though it certainly is a great programme, and it’s got me writing again, which is a good thing.

If you click on the Inspector button, you’ll see in the upper right frame a box titled “Synopsis” That is a thumbnail of the Corkboard card. Just write there a few words or lines to summarize the contents of the text file. When you click on Corkboard, you will see all of the cards.

Every document is a document, an index card and a corkboard. That can’t happen in the real world, so it can take a little getting used to. :slight_smile: