Merged Table Columns Unable to select

I am having trouble with my tables selecting an merged horizontal column. I am making a character profile and need a spot for the picture so I merge all the cells on the left into one column to put the picture in, but when I do this I can’t select it. I have select the top cell next to it and arrow into it. If I tried to then double click it to select it, the mouse cursor jumps to the column to the right.

Worst is when I have an image already in the column I cannot select it and resize it. Any suggestions on why this is happening?


It looks like I get the same basic (mis-)behaviour in TextEdit, so that’s a core table bug we can’t fix. I can sometimes click into the cell in either program, but it is very sporadic and doesn’t appear to be based on anything consistent. I can click in the same spot five times in a row and get a different cell in the total table each time. It’s weird, as though other cells are invisibly overlapping the left column.

You can, you just have to find the right place to double-click on it. Watch the mouse pointer and move it around until it turns into an arrow. If you see an i-beam then the click will go off to some other cell in the table.