merging chapters and resetting order

Dear all.
Sorry to disturb. quick question as I could’nt find the answer.

Say I have an idea of a book. I wrote two pages of some kind of synopsis of the story.
My plan was to put the whole of it in a text called chapter 1.
Then I started to fractionnate (click right after the selection of what is to be left in chapter one).
Then it automatically creates a chapter 2, and I do the same to create chapter 3. And so on.

Problem: when i decide to merge two contiguous chapters together (say because they don’t need to be in two separate chapters, in the end): they do get merged BUT it doesn’t re-initiate the order of the chapters.
for example, i want to merge chapter 3 and 4 together, then, in my Binder, I have chap 1, 2, 3, 5 (and I would like 1,2,3,4). if you see what I mean?
Any idea, or should I just work differently?
Thanks in advance

Scrivener does not automatically renumber binder items (folders, documents, …) when they are rearranged.

I believe there is a way, involving placing special variables (called placeholder tags I think) in names/text and compile options for numbering such binder items at compile time, but the results are present only in the compiled output, not in Scrivener itself.

For a sense of this, try searching the forum on “split renumber”, “split number”, “placeholder tag”, etc. And see discussion of compiling and placeholder tags in the manual or in books/ebooks about Scrivener.

You may also want to directly e-mailt Scrivener tech support as discussed here…

Hope that is of some assistance.