Merging comments

I’m not sure if it’s possible or not, but I couldn’t figure it out. I’ve sent out my document to reviewers who’ve responded with comments. Is there a way to merge all the comments into a single document? In Microsoft office, you can compare docs and combine revisions from several authors. Is there anyway to do this here?


I’m not sure what merging comments would look like, since the comments are notes attached to highlighted text. If you merge the notes, the highlights would have to be discard and thus the context of the note would be lost? Well, you can’t merge them in that sense, but you can export a copy of all comments to a simple file, leaving the originals intact, with the File/Export/Comments & Annotations… menu command.

If you’re asking whether we’ve reverse engineered Microsoft’s revision tracking system and implemented our own version that acts similarly, no. :slight_smile: There are a number of tools in Scrivener that could be used to accomplish what you are describing, but they are its own tools, you’d have to use them for that purpose intentionally, and when working with people who are using different pieces of software, some system that can convey through different programs, such as putting one’s initials the comment, should suffice.

It’s not exactly what I’m asking. I’m not talking about merging two comments into one. I’m talking about merging the comments from one document with the separate comments of another, identical document. Imagine if you have two exports of the same chapter. In the first export, one commenter highlights the first paragraph and adds a comment. In the second export, the commenter highlights the last paragraph and adds a comment. I can import both documents back into Scrivener and what I’ll end up with is two of the same document: one with a comment on the first paragraph and one with a comment on the last paragraph. What I’d like to do is merge both documents (since the text is identical) into a single document which contains two comments. On the first and last paragraphs.

If there are tools in Scrivener to accomplish this, can you let me know what they are and how it works? Currently, I’m having to manually copy and paste the contents of comments.


That makes much more sense, thanks for the clarification. Hmm, I can’t think of a good way of doing this with just Scrivener. I would merge the comments in Word and then import that merged copy of the document into Scrivener. That sounds a lot easier than copy and paste.

Strictly speaking on the latter bit, it is probably slightly easier to open the two documents in splits in Scrivener, lock the Inspector to the document side you’ll be copying comments from, using the little padlock button in the tab header bar. You’ll note that if you click between panes only one set of comments & footnotes will be shown. So now you can drag a comment from the sidebar over to the other document and drop it either on some selected text or any word to attach the comment to that word.

I wouldn’t want to do that for more than a few dozen, myself, but that’s easier than copy and paste anyway. Again, I think pre-processing the file with a tool that has a lot of editorial features will be the best bet.