Merging documents in E.S.

I realise this feature probably does not exist for conceptual issues, as pretty much all other operations have already been added. The problem is how do you specify which documents will be merged. From another thread about global font changing in E.S., I gathered that selection between documents is kind of a rogue thing, and that the embedded files are not “aware” of the selection? Pardon if my description is weird, I do not know what is technically going on when you have a selection spanning multiple files. So I presume selecting an arbitrary block of text between two adjacent files and pressing the Merge button would not be a possibility.

Perhaps it should just not be handled inside E.S. at all. Afterall, one does not ever merge documents from within documents during regular editing, either. When the dynamic stuff mentioned (but not implemented yet) is in place, perhaps Binder based merging can be one of those dynamic things. And that would be good enough.

Yeah, all those documents are separate so any selection that spans them is limited in what it can do. Merging like that would not be possible given the current set up - nor do I really think it should be.

Edit Scrivenings is really just a way to “view” documents. Manipulation should be in the binder. I’m not even sure about whether or not to try to implement the dynamic stuff that was hinted at in the readme file of beta 2. Part of my thinks that you should have to reload Edit Scrivenings to update any changes you have made in the binder. That way, you could have an E.S. session open in a “locked” document view, and then you could manipulate files in the binder and open it in the other document view and compare. So part of me thinks that E.S. should remain static, except in the case of where you are adding documents when the text is selected or splitting documents…

I kind of agree with this lack of dynamic-ness, actually. Afterall, with its default behaviour, Scrivener automatically forgets an E.S. session when you start messing with the Binder, anyway. Getting around that via locks and splits is a more advanced technique. On the other hand, the thing that prompted me to wonder about whether or not it could be dynamic in the first place is when you have a split with Outliner or Corkboard on one side, and the E.S. of the same group on the other. When that setup is initiated, it does feel as though things should update accordingly – probably because it is no longer a Binder related function when you re-order and add documents in the Outliner.

But of course, you can just select all of the corkboard/outliner and hit “Edit Scrivenings” again. I do see what you mean, though, and the original dynamic behaviour is still on the list for consideration.