merging documents increases session word count

Hi Keith,

it’s a very minor thing and maybe it’s been mentionend before (couldn’t find anything using search):

Merging two documents increases the session word count, even when nothing new has been typed. Like this, you can get into situations where the session word count exceeds the entire draft word count:

Open a new project

Create a file, type 3 words

Create another file, type another 3 words

Draft word count: 6
Session word count: 6

Merge the two documents, check project targets:

Draft word count: 6
Session word count: 9

Happened to me this morning, when I was surprised I had supposedly typed 1000 words + in about twenty minutes. So the reward coffee wasn’t really earned at all :unamused:



edit: just found out, that adding text in a file in the research folder also counts toward the session word count, which doesn’t seem to make sense.

I see this has been fixed in the new update. Great job, thanks Keith!