Merging Folders?

I’m confused by Scrivener’s behavior when merging folders.

I imported/split a Final Draft FDX file into Scrivener. Then I went through the script and grouped the documents into over 20 folders. All the folders were contained in a main parent folder.

Later, I wanted to join the files back together.

First, I tried the obvious: I selected the parent folder and tried to merge it. Merge was greyed out.

Next, I opened the parent folder and selected all the subfolders. Merge was now available. When I merged the folders, instead of combining all the documents into one file, Scrivener removed all the subfolders and left the documents behind. That was unexpected.

Finally, I selected all the remaining documents, and merged them. That worked as expected.

Is the folder merge expected behavior?

Feature request: Please support merging the documents in a single folder.

Merge is only available when multiple files are selected. In Scrivener, selecting a folder does not automatically select all of its subdocuments. This is central to Scrivener’s functionality, allowing you to re-arrange items in the binder or the corkboard as you wish. A folder in Scrivener is really just a file—it behaves in pretty much the same way and you have the option to convert files to folders and folders to files at any time. Folders are automatically tagged differently with Section Layouts and just help you visually group things.

The easiest way to merge all of the documents in a folder is to expand the folder so all subdocuments are visible, select the top document, hold the shift key, and select the bottom document. Everything between will also be selected. Then you can go to Documents → Merge.

Thanks for your reply.

Merging the folders and not their contents is pretty counter-intuitive. The easiest workaround is to use Edit>Select>Select with Subdocuments and then Merge.

It’d be nice if Scrivener would do that for us when we select several folders and try to merge them. It seems that merging the contents of the folders would be the most common use-case.

Also, you can merge the contents of a single folder by using Edit>Select>Select with Subdocuments too. I would like to request that Scrivener automate that function as well.

I’ve moved this thread to the “Wish List” category so your feature request can be more easily found.