Merging projects

Hi, im trying to figure out the best way to merge projects. Could you please help?

I just tried dragging the icon of another project into the binder of another project and it gave me an error message (see pic below)

I am able to drag individual documents into another projects binder. It seems to work well. Is this the best way to “merge” projects or is there a better way?

Is there any way to make it so that changes in the documents/projects that are added to the other project will sync to the other project? I want to make sure that i dont accidentally have duplicates with different informaton on them. Or is the best way to avoid this to just delete the first project/document after I add it to the other project?

Thanks, Dan … 1.png?dl=0

Yes, dragging from Project A to Project B is the best way to merge projects.

No, there is no way to synchronize changes between projects. If you make changes to Project B after the merge, you should either archive or delete Project A.