Merging .scriv files?

I’m a noob, and I’m not sure if this is even possible, but I thought I’d ask. I have a desktop Mac and a MacBook Pro. When I’m home, I usually use the desktop; when I travel, I take the MacBook. Is it possible to merge two .scriv files, so that I can figure out what’s the latest stuff in each “version” of the same document (and by “document” I mean the whole .scriv bundle)?

BCing you

I think what you might be looking for is File/Import/Scrivener Project.... This will import the entire Binder from another project and place it in a folder at the very bottom of your working project.

What I’m more looking for is something where I can take a copy of MyGreatNovel.scriv on to my laptop, where I completely re-write chapter 4. Then come home and work on the original MyGreatNovel.scriv, chapter 8 and then suddenly remember I have changes on my laptop, so I fire that up and get Scrivener to notice that chapter 4 is updated, and merge that back into the version on my desktop.

But thanks for the suggestion, anyway!

There is nothing automated, so to speak, but if you are mentally keeping track of what you changed, you can always have two projects open and drag single items between Binders from one project to the next. So in this particular case you could open up the version that came from your laptop and drag chapter four over to the desktop project.

A better (safer) workflow would probably just always be working on one project for your book. Make sure that whenever you switch computers, you’ve moved the newer version over.

If I may quote KB from another thread:

Oh well. I suspected that there wasn’t such a feature. But, hey, one can hope, eh?