Messed up target word count

Hi folks!

Somehow I managed to make my target word count for my project actually apply to each chapter. I am writing a fiction novel. I would LOVE to set my project goal at 65,000. However, each SCENE is coming in with a target of 65,000! :open_mouth: Each time I add a new scene, it adds to my total target. I am up to more than 1,000,000 for the entire project, and it will only get worse.

How can I fix this without creating a whole new file and starting over? Thanks in advance for your help!

I think the easiest way to set targets for individual folders and documents is to use the Outline view. Right-click on the header above the outline and tick the word counts and targets you want, then edit the targets.

Thanks, but that’s what I have, and don’t want it. I want a target for the whole project only.

Would that be in outline view as well?

For that I use Project -> Show project targets, and set the target by clicking on Edit

I got this fixed - thank you!

Now I have a new problem - I have my total word count in the footer (in Scrivenings view), but I do not have the little target icon on the far right.

I have searched the forums but cannot find a way to bring that little icon back. Any thoughts?

Thank you folks!