Messed up the interface layout

I was just writing in Scrivener when an email arrived and I must have pressed something by mistake that has changed the appearance of Scrivener as shown in the image. I now have this New Collection, Binder and Search Results tabs that have suddenly appeared underneath an empty space. Previously it just had the thin grey Binder bar at the top and I’m wondering how I get that back?

Click the “collections” icon on the toolbar, just above the binder.

Thanks that has got rid of the Collections tab but I’m pretty sure I never saw the other two items and the big space before that are still there. I can’t seem to close that gap.

You successfully deleted the “New Collection” tab by clicking the “-” button, but to hide the tab interface entirely you need to click the “Collections” button in the main application toolbar, right between the “Binder” button and the “Layouts” button.

Thanks Amber that’s done the trick. The strange thing is that I’m sure I tried that last night but I obviously didn’t press it properly.