Met Brian Patten today

That was fun.

Every year, college runs a creative writing competition; then they get a poet in to do a reading and announce the winners, then run a workshop.

This year was one of my favourite poets.

We did a really good exercise - we pick a line of a poem we like (we were told in advance to bring this); then we write that line down and use it to start our own poem.

Once we were done, we took out the line that started it, and read them out.

Then we did something incredibly interesting - he said, pick one line or image or whatever that is a cliché and take it out (e.g. “fragile existence”, “tears in my eyes” etc.) and then see how the poem feels.

It felt very raw and naked; it was powerful - it makes you realise how much you hide behind clichés to disguise your own voice.

On top of this, I got a photo of him; chatted to him about Devon and got invited to go down the pub with him when I go to Arts College (which will be just up the river from where he lives).
Fluff :laughing: