Met my deadline!


Just a quick note to say thanks. I just turned in my book manuscript (my first) on-deadline two days ago, and Scrivener really saved me on this project. I wrote a guidebook, so the ability to keep research and writing in a common interface proved invaluable. I have some minor quibbles with the styles issue that comes up on the forums from time to time, but doing the final assembly in Word was a small price to pay for the pleasure of using Scrivener for composition.

I want to complement one other thing about Scrivener that has little to do with its writing features. Like a lot of people (I suspect), it took me awhile to really embrace Scrivener as an approach and sink my teeth into my first project. The fact that Scrivener’s 30 day demo really is 30 days of use (versus 30 calendar days from first launch) made all the difference in my ability to evaluate it and my decision to purchase it. I wish more software demos operated using that principle.

Thanks again. I’d love to see Scrivener grow to include a few more features geared towards making documents publisher-ready, but even as-is I found it an invaluable tool that made a very complex project become almost simple.


Jason Rothstein

Thanks Jason, I’m glad you found Scrivener helpful in completing your manuscript, and congratulations on meeting your deadline!

Although it would be nice for Scrivener to be able to stay with you right up to the final draft and get everything publisher-ready, unfortunately I just don’t have the resources for the work that would be involved in providing complete word processor features. The Compile Draft feature of the next update has been greatly enhanced, though, so should at least be able to format more manuscripts.

Thanks again and all the best,

Glad to hear the good news Jason!

PS: Welcome to the Scrivener community!