Meta column before title = messed up arrows/indent

Hi, Keith! I’m delighted that we have custom meta columns in 2.0. I found a wee bug. (Sorry to add to the pile!)

When I moved my custom meta column to the left of the Title column, the arrows for the folders became part of the Semester column, and the subdocuments lost their indentation. The arrows still work, though!



I’d never tried this with any of the built-in columns, but it happens with all of them.

Kind of intentional, really, rather than a bug. That should happen with any column you put over there. The left-most column is the one that will inherit the outline controls and hierarchy depth information, as it would be kind of weird to have arrows in the middle of the outline row.

I thought the arrows should stick close to the folder icons, wherever those happen to move.

That would break some pretty entrenched outliner conventions which state the arrow should always be as far left as possible. It’s best to keep columns that always have data in them on the left-most position, as a result. You’ve definitely got some extra flexibility you won’t find in most outliners, but in most cases title is a pretty good candidate for that side of the outline.