Meta Data and the Line Count

Hi Folks!

Not sure this is the right place but I gotta start somewhere . . .

I write lyrical poetry in the SCA and am building a template to help me organize my thoughts, ideas and documentation, as well as the poetry itself. In setting up the Outliner I noted that the target and actual Word Count for an entry is available as meta-data. A lot of the poetry I write is more concerned with Line Count instead of word count. I know I can access the Line Count for the document as a whole. Is it possible to access the Line Count for a particular sub-document?

If not, is that something that we could get added in a future version of Scrivener?


Eric C Smith
aka Maredudd

[Edit] I just noted that line numbers are included in the manuscript when the ruler is turned on but I was thinking more along the lines of a “Line Count” that would be usable to set goals and show progress in the Outliner.

Hi Eric,

Although I don’t rule it out, the trouble is that line count is a slower to calculate and thus isn’t as readily available to the outliner as is the word and character count, so it’s a more challenging problem from a technical perspective. So that’s not a “no”, but rather a, “Hmm, I’ll have to think about that for a future version.”

Thanks and all the best,