Meta-Data as Stamp

Am I right that you can’t create a Meta-Data field and then have that be the source of your Corkboard “Stamps” instead of it being the “Status” Field? I.e., I just decided I want my corkboard stamps to show another kind of data instead of what I’ve entered in Status.

It would also work if you could, say, quickly convert your existing Status field data into a new Meta-Data field, and then fill the original Status field w/ new info. Just curious. No a huge deal. Thanks. David

You can modify the Status field to show anything you like. Click on the double arrows, then click on “edit” and set up any alphanumeric data field you want. I’ve used it variously for weather, time of day, and location.


I understand that. It’s just that I’ve already filled that field with Status info for all my docs in the project. That field generates the stamps. So, if I want those stamps to show my new meta-data, I have to move the status field somewhere else.

I currently have traditional info in Status: Draft, Final, Proof, etc.

I want the stamp on my index cards to show Chapter Titles instead. But I’d like to keep that status info in a different (meta-tag) field.

Make sense?

It seems to me that your original post answers your own question:

Isn’t that what you want to do? It’s easily enough done.