Meta-data Bulk Editing

I started exploring the meta data, and realized the power of the status (along with the “include in compile” so I can jot down notes) so I quickly started changing my status to reflect the current state of each scene. I tried to edit many at once but the handy meta-data box vanished from the inspector pane. So I assume I must edit them one at a time.

I suggest that you allow mutiple meta-data to be changed for bulk changing.

Indeed, the Inspector is designed to show information about one single item at a time, so when you select multiple items it reverts to showing some general project level information like notes and references.

To apply label or status to bulk items, select the items in the Binder (or in the Outliner or Corkboard if you prefer), and right-click on them, using the Label/Status contextual menus to change the value for the entire selection.

oh, ok, thank you, I did it the hard way lol. I’ll remeber that

Thanks for pointing this out Amber. Just learnt something new and very useful. :smiley:

Amber, is there a quick way to undo this, or must one go through and individually change all selections back?

I suppose, if they all had different values to begin with, there would be no way to undo. If they did you could “undo” by selecting a different value of course.