Meta-data for MultiMarkdown -> LaTeX

I’m using Multimarkdown to create a LaTeX book but I’ve recently been using Tufte rather than Memoir. Is there any way to stop Scrivener 3 combining my Meta-Data with the default Meta-Data?

I can hand edit the .tex file but this is tedious.

Just make sure you remove all the metadata in the Compile settings — I use my own Pandoc metadata front-matter and it works fine as long as I ensure compile metadata is empty:

It’s empty…

Ah, ok this is the compile format specific metadata — you must edit your compile format:


I didn’t realise I had to create and edit my own format in order to do this. It was all more visible before (albeit confusing). I hadn’t reached this window in v3 - in v2 it was where I started!

Thank you!

That’s something that could probably be improved, perhaps with additional formats? It seems a bit on the side of adding clutter to make a format that merely changes one option in the LaTeX pane for example, but yes it was easier to switch from Memoir Book to Article, for instance, or to switch to using your own stuff. Hmm.

But (to follow up on Ioa’s comment) this is exactly what Compile formats are for. Presumably this is something you’re going to want to use more than once, so editing the Compile format and making your updated version available to other projects means that you only have to edit once and then can use it with all projects.

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Yeah, my question before was more along the lines of whether we should perhaps include a few LaTeX-only compile formats that simply make those preset selections and nothing else.

Well, it’s something I had on my list anyway, to make some MMD/Pandoc specific formats down the line. My hesitancy toward it being that so much of how this workflow works is based on how how these formats work after you compile. Not so much of the look is driven by compile settings, those more provide a framework for how the project generates the markup that gets used down the line—and that stuff I would imagine is more bound to the particulars of the project rather than being general purpose decisions. Format is almost more structure than format in the Times Manuscript 12pt sense.