Meta Data Management

Scrivener is amazing.
We can sort files and we can refer to them their labels. However it would be amazing functionality to be able to do following things:

  1. To create different meta-data depends on label of file.
  2. To be able to manage of meta-data set in content e.g. I take all files with label X and I take values of A meta data, and I sort them from A - Z and I provided the value in content here (#Put label:X$A from FOLDER sort A-Z). To be able add subfolders or not.

We could solve many problems in this way for non-fiction authors:

  1. List of content creation
  2. Book/Article references in content
  3. Bibliography

Author could be able to create this on his own without supporting of Zottero etc. I am sure there is no huge work in code.