Meta data ordering in MMD-->Latex compile

Is it just me, or is it really the case that meta data keys in the Meta-Data pane of the Compile dialogue are being automatically sorted into alphabetical order?

I arrange the keys as:

  • Latex input
  • author
  • title
  • base header level
  • Latex input.

I compile.

When I go to compile again they are back to:

  • Author
  • Base header level
  • Latex input
  • Latex input
  • Title

I have tried re-ordering and then saving compile settings without actually compiling, but that doesn’t make any difference. Using Scrivener version 2.5 on OS 10.7.5.

The alphabetical sortation messes up the processing of title and author data.

Are there any other settings required to trigger this condition? I have tried with a blank project, starting from the “Original” preset, changing nothing save but to delete the provided meta-data keys and adding the ones you listed in the order you listed them. When I compile it all sticks the way I left it.

On investigation, it looks to be just the one project (which is a relief).

So, what’s the difference between that project and the others? Well, the only thing is that I have a couple of search-based collections set up and used for filtering during compile. But I don’t see any reason why that should mess with the meta data.

What happens if you save that project’s settings as a preset and then load that into a blank project? Does it reproduce then? If so we could probably use the preset file to figure out what is happening.

Well, call me Weirdy McWeird.

I created a compile pre-set on the alphabetised meta-data list (called meta-weird). Applied that to a new project. The compile dialogue picks up and uses the pre-set.

In the new project I shoved the meta-data into the right order. Saved that as a pre-set (meta-resolve). Applied meta-resolve pre-set to the original project: nothing. In fact, apply any other pre-set to the original project and the meta-data list gets alphabetised.

Applied meta-resolve pre-set to another project: I get the right meta-data in the right order. Every time.

So, I’ve just got it down as a slightly weird project issue.

That is weird! Is the project something you could send so I could take a look at it? Just send it to our e-mail, ATTN Ioa.

I don’t know if this makes it more weird or less weird, but the strange re-ordering of meta-data has stopped just as abruptly as it started.

If it ever happens again I’ll push the project your way, but for the moment there’s nothing to see.

Okay, thanks! It’s a strange one. I doubt there is any code here at all for alphabetically sorting these. We know that the order is absolutely important with MMD3+.