Meta data page break

I see that the General Meta Data section for a document allows you to tick a box instructing it to include a ‘page break before’ when compiling.

Is there a global setting so I can set this as a default for all current and new documents in my binder, instead of having to set each document individually?


forgot to say, i’m running Scrivener on a windows 10 laptop

There is a better tool for this that will often be good enough. In your Compile settings, go into the Separators pane and examine the different combinations of settings here. A common setup is to have each folder create a page break automatically. For those that write short sections in a simple flat list, inserting page breaks between text items would do the trick.

The checkbox itself is better for one-off things that cannot be addressed by the procedural approach in compile settings. But if for some reason you have to manage everything with individual settings, try holding down Alt and clicking on the checkbox in the compile Contents list. That may toggle all, in the current stable version.

In fact that checkbox will be going away entirely in the future, replaced by the ability to set a type to things. So you could say these five items here are “Full Page Illustrations”, and then set up the compiler to have “Full Page Illustrations” automatically insert a page break before and after.

Thank you Amber, I’ll try this. The project is actually a novel, so it’s fairly simple in terms of page breaks between chapters.

Your answer also prompts me to ask - is the Windows upgrade coming soon? Do you have a date for it yet?


Yeah, Separators should do fine for you then, if it’s a simple list of chapters.

“Soon” in a very vague sense (blog post). The beta is public, so you can check it out if you want. I’d say for something you’ve already written and are looking to compile, you might want to wait until it is out though, at least for this project. Compile is one of the last major things they are working on.

Hi again, I’m afraid I can’t find Compile Settings - how do I get to them? thanks

After you opened compile, did you click the blue arrow to expand the options?

I had no idea that was there! You’ve opened up a whole new world for me! Thanks, am experimenting with the options now.

well it will take at least another year to finish this book, and I daren’t risk screwing up the content, so it looks like it will be a while before I can upgrade. Thanks.