Meta-Data Page ignored with MMD Export


After updating to 2.4.1 I tried to compile my pages via Multimarkdown->Latex as usual. With Scrivener 2.3.x I was generating my Latex file via the Latex options “None/Use Meta-Data”. But now Scrivener 2.4.1 seems to ignore to interpret my first page Meta-Data content. Instead it includes the Meta-Data page as plain text into the generated tex file, which - of course - cannot be used, since no substitution of the keywords latex-input, LaTeX-Mode etc. by Scrivener is done.

What am I doing wrong in this new version of Scrivener?

Tnx in advance


Hi Mike,

Nothing should have changed in this regard in 2.4.1. Is your meta-data document definitely still the first document in the Draft and entitled “Meta-Data”?

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I noticed an interesting compile behavior:

If I delete all settings in the compile dialog ‘Meta-Data’, my 1. page named Meta-Data is interpreted correct by the compile process. If I have additional settings defined in the Meta-Tags dialog of the compile dialog, the compile process failed, since the settings of the Meta-Tags dialog are placed before the settings of the Meta-Tags page.

I mixed both settings in releases 2.3.x without noticing this behavior.

What does the MultiMarkdown header itself look like when you try compiling plain, instead of straight to LaTeX? If I had to guess, I’d say you had a stray carriage return in the Meta-Data compile options, which would offset the compile meta-data from the contents of the file in the Draft, causing it to no longer be interpreted as true meta-data by the MMD engine. For instance, if I add “Author” = “Test”, to the compile pane, and put a document named “Meta-Data” into the Draft with “Title: Book Name”, then I get this at the top of my compiled text file:

Author: Test
Title: Book Name

This is how it should work. If however I accidentally type in a carriage return after the word ‘Test’, I would get:

Author: Test

Title: Book Name

MMD would stop processing text as meta-data after the author line, causing the Title field anything else in that file to appear in the document as text.

You are right! A carriage return in my Meta-Data pane ‘killed’ my correct compile process.

Thank you very much !!