Meta Data question

I notice that the Project Metadata, and the Metadata pane that appears when compiling to an ebook format, do not share the same information.

Why is this?

I have been trying to imagine a situation where an author would want to call his book “World’s Greatest Novel” with the author “World’s Greatest Writer” in the project, and yet when compiling the ebook instead name it “Humble Attempt at a Story” by “Ink-Stained Wretch” … but then the wild card tags would insert the project metadata in, say the title page - no?

So, can anybody tell me why it is that Scrivener wants us to enter the metadata in two different places, and under what circumstances it would be good to do so?

Actually, they do share the information - sort of. The “Project Meta-Data” provides the defaults that will be used. So you can then leave the title and author fields blank in the e-book Meta-Data pane (and if you do so, you will see the name and title you entered in project meta-data as placeholder text there in grey). Leaving the title and author fields of Compile meta-data blank causes Compile to use the project meta-data defaults. The fields are provided in Compile meta-data just in case you need to override them for any reason. You’re right that there probably aren’t many situations where that is needed, but it’s not impossible - for instance, if the user is using one project to compile more than one book, which is entirely possible.

You certainly don’t need to enter the information more than once, though, as I say - just enter the project meta-data and leave the fields in Compile blank.

All the best,