Meta-data retention during round-trip external-syncing?

If I use the Sync with External Folder feature to edit a Scrivener project within the Elements iPhone app, will Scrivener continue to correctly associate the meta-data I assigned to the individual files within the project?

In other words, when I re-sync the files edited in Elements with the original Scrivener project, will the keywords, labels, status, custom meta-data, etc. still be assigned to the files I created and edited from within Scrivener? How about things like document notes, references, comments, and footnotes?

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Yes, all inspector meta-data will be retained. The only thing that will be altered when you sync is the text content itself, and Scrivener will (unless instructed otherwise) snapshot that content for you when syncing—just in case something blows up, you can revert.

The one type of meta-data you may lose is in-document meta-data like highlighting, linked comments and footnotes, and other formatting based meta-data. Inline annotations and footnotes are safer to use. They will lose their formatting but be retained with brackets and curly braces so you can convert them back.

This is a necessary sacrifice of working on a plain-text platform like the iPad, but Scrivener is careful to retain as much as possible of your file. Only those paragraphs you directly change will lose their formatting and formatting based meta-data. Try to avoid linked comments and footnotes in this workflow as you will lose them (though they can of course be retrieved from snapshots).