Meta request : board notifications for replies to post

I’m not sure where this would go - I couldn’t find a relevant place in the board index so I am (mis-)placing it here: I’m noticing that I am missing a lot of replies I am getting on the board, because I am not subscribed to a topic (although I’ve created it or posted in it). It seems like I must either be subscribed to a topic or be quoted by the replier, or else I won’t be notified. It also seems that this can’t be changed in the board settings.

I guess it makes sense that you can opt out of getting notified of replies to your post (e.g. if you justreply to someone’s question but are ultimately uninterested in the course of the discussion). But it makes little sense to me that the default is not to automatically be subscribed to a topic that you’ve posted in, as most people are here to find answers to their questions. This is especially the case if you’re the OP: It seems tedious that you have to subscribe to a topic you yourself have created, since I’m guessing you will want to be notified about replies in any case.

I’d be interested to know what the rationale is in organizing the board this way. If it’s in order to over-notify people: Couldn’t there be a kind of meta setting, so that you can choose either to automatically get notified of replies in topics where you’ve posted - or to have to opt-in (subscribe) individually in case you want to be notified ?


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Yep I’ve tried this but not working / not exactly what I am looking for. For one , the pane does not allow you to specify that you always want to be notified if someone replies, right ? You still have to be subscribed. Granted, I think I was wrong and the board automatically subscribes you if you post something or at least if you are the OP. BUT: I still don’t get any notifications (only if I’m quoted). (I’m not talking about email, just the notifications here on the board). Any idea what else could be the reason?

As a workaround, one of the buttons along the top of the page is “your posts,” which lists every thread you’ve posted in (not just created). That’s what I use, as notifications would quickly bury me.