Metadata by segment type, please

meta data is a great idea, but is half-baked at this point. To produce the full loaf:

  1. types of files (scenes,chapters) should get their own metadata set. not all my metadata applies equally to all segments.

  2. I’d like to be able to associate a set of meta data cards with each individual segment, with different meta data items on them, and flick between them in a mini-tabbed card view. (for example, I have a set of data about a scene’s conflict, but I don’t necessarily want to view Truby Step Type in the same card).

  3. perhaps associate metadata sets (or cards) with scene kinds (e.g. conflict, suspense, action), or keywords.


Could you clarify a bit further what you mean by “meta-data”? I’m trying to map what you are saying to what I understand meta-data to be in the program, and it isn’t coming together for me. Meta-data is, as described in the documentation anyway, the stuff in the Inspector that each individual piece of your outline has independent access to. Arguably, with the exception of Snapshots and Footnotes & Comments, every Inspector pane involves some kind of meta-data. At its simplest, the synopsis as a meta-data summary for the item, as shown on the corkboard, or the Label which is represented as corner marking in a colour in the corkboard, or a colour swatch on the outliner. More complicated examples involve References as a form of meta-data, where having Item X in your reference list is a way of stating “This is associated with X”, Keywords which can allow combinative forms of meta-data “Character B in Location N”, and custom meta-data where you can just make up your own fields and do whatever you want with them. So, as I see meta-data, and as the application and its documentation refer to it, this:

…is already true. Each “scene”, “section”, “paragraph” or whatever length your items are in the binder can have their own Inspector and thus full access to the rich amount of meta-data and linkages available to any other item in Scrivener, be it a piece of your draft or a photograph in your research folder.

I’m not sure what this means. What are “metadata sets” which could be also referred to as “cards” in any way? This is where I think we are thinking of two different things. There is no way to show a Label as an index card in the interface, or a keyword, let alone a set of these.

Without this knowledge, I can’t parse the second suggestion either.

Sorry for the confusion!