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When I used to work in MS Word, I was informed that Word assigns metadata to each document that may include the author’s name if their name is listed under the operating system. There is an option to remove this or change it to something generic like “author,” which I always did because that sort of information would have been problematic for the work I was doing. See this doc if you’re unfamiliar with the topic!

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Anyway, I’m writing on Scrivener now and someone informed me that Scrivener does something similar with its compiled documents. Could anyone tell me how to change or remove the data so I can control my digital signature? Thanks!

In Compile, there will be a “Meta-Data” option in the sidebar for formats that support it. You can edit the information for the compiled document there.

The default author name and title are taken from the project’s Meta-Data Settings (in the Project menu), which in turn takes them from your Mac Contacts (aka Address Book) and the project’s file name. You can overwrite these for each project, of course, but if you’re regularly working on projects where you don’t want your name attached, you may want to set up a special card in Contacts for Scrivener to use. Create the card with whatever name you want to use, then type “(Scrivener:UseMe)” into the note area and Scrivener will pull from there for future projects.

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Well, it’s nearly the same on Windows, but the default author name comes from the Windows user account, so there’s not a way to create a new one for Scrivener to use; you’ll just need to replace it in the project properties of Project > Meta-Data Settings… or, if you only care about the compiled output, in the Meta-Data tab in compile. Fewer formats in Windows do have meta-data on compile at the moment, so you may not need to worry about it at all for now. Ebooks and MMD formats are the only I can think of that associated meta-data on compile presently.