Metadata not expanding

I guess I’m confused about how metadata is used. I’ve got a screenplay I’m trying to compile into the Fountain format (but have tried it with non-screenplays and other compile targets as well) and it simply doesn’t expand, for instance, <?projecttitle> into the title I set under Project->Meta-data Settings. It just plops “<?projecttitle>” into the final text file/PDF/whatever. What am I missing here?

Ah. I see that it IS replacing the text on the title page, but nowhere else. For example, the Fountain exporter prepends…

Title: <$projecttitle> Author: <$author>

… to the front of the document, but doesn’t expand those tags.

Shouldn’t it be <$projecttitle> instead of <?projecttitle>?

D’oh. You’re correct. My PHP background sneaked in. So now that I’ve changed that tag in the body of my script, it works fine. BUT the automatically-generated tag prepended to the front of the Fountain document, which is “<$projecttitle>” is still not expanding.

I can see what might be the issue – those tags are added in the compilation dialogue box. I can type the title and author info manually here… but shouldn’t it be expanding these tags (they are there by default, after all)?

Hmm, yes that does look like a bug specific to the Fountain export. If you switch temporarily to MultiMarkdown, which uses a very similar meta-data table, and compile to .txt you’ll find the meta-data tags have been evaluated. That is what should be happening. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!