Metadata Not Used? PDF Compile

Working in RC6, Windows 10 OS, 64bit version.

I was compiling my project for a couple reasons including, checking that PDF compile issues I had in the past were all sorted (they are). But the file has picked up a metadata name of Chapter Twenty-One. This is weird, since I’ve named all my folders with numbers, my final Chapter is an Epilogue and there are 22 headers in the manuscript.

Why did I bother entering the metadata if it won’t be used?

Also I can’t remove the page break at the start of regular sections, even using a section layout that says it doesn’t have a page break?

Edited to correct the candidate version

Draft 2.2 2020.06.13.pdf (635 KB)

Confirming that as of RC10 this issue is still present.

Draft test 2020.09.15.pdf (591 KB)