Question. I’m confused about adding metadata. I’ve read the manual and 23.4.2 Metadata Tab indicates something different that I find using the metadata tab via info. I find a place for title, but not sub-title, and author’s name.

I added metadata in the past, and it was not like this.

The documentation you are referring to is for the whole project, or more precisely what will get set for the document you export from the project. You know how a PDF can have a formal title set to it, maybe some keywords and other metadata that the file system and PDF readers might use? That’s what this section of the program is for, in the Metadata tab of File ▸ Compile....

What it seems you are referring to is the inspector (if that is what you mean by “info”). The documentation for that is Chapter 13, and the Metadata tab within it is specifically found in §13.5. You may also find §10.4, Organising with Metadata, to be of interest as the inspector mainly just goes over how to set the stuff, rather than what the stuff is and ideas for how you can use them.

Just think of the two different tabs as being one of scope:

  • In the compiler: it’s for the whole project. The author, the title, the stuff that goes into the document you compile.
  • In the inspector: each individual outline entry in the binder can have its own metadata, and we can use that to track proofing phases, topics, how the section should print itself when compiled (is it a chapter, is it a subsection?), tagging with keywords, chronology with date fields… really anything you might ever need to track about your writing and research materials at a larger scale.

Check out Project ▸ Project Settings..., in the Custom Metadata section, if you mean adding metadata in the sense of creating new fields, and not just adding metadata to binder items.

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You have many options:

document metadata