Methodology for Collaborations using Scrivener? (Google Docs or Other)

Currently, I work with several other editors and pre-readers. My usual workflow is to write everything in Scrivener the first time and then copy/paste it into Google Docs, where my editors take a crack at it (and I usually rewrite way more than I want to).

What sort of methods and techniques do you folks use? Is there an easier way to export to Google Docs, or better yet, import back in with the comments attached?

Heck, might we ever see a fully cloud-based version of Scrivener that allows multiple authors to collaborate? (And yes, I’m sure every programmer just shivered in horror at that concept. I know I would).

There has been quite a bit of discussion on this forum of ways of integrating Scrivener into a collaborative workflow or working with editors. I highly recommend a search of the forums for reading on this!

BTW, this thread would probably get more uptake in the Using Scrivener subforum.


p.s. There has also been (surprise!) mention of cloud-based Scriv. You can search for that too .