Microsoft Office 2008 Home Edition

On an Intel Mac running Leopard tested fine.

On a Quad G5 running Tiger it lasted 4 days before it suffered the startup death ritual of doom.

Had to be uninstalled completely.

PS: It also installs fonts that are a pain in the trunk, a bunch of other worthless crap, and does a scan and wants to REMOVE earlier versions of Office. Also there are some Platform incompatiblities between Off 08 and Windows Of 07. VDB has been removed so a lot of custom scripts and macros will no longer work, and it still feels clunky and disorganized.

Thought I would give everyone a heads up. Maybe you will have better luck but unless you are running an INTEL mac on Leopard or you Have to Have 08 for compatibility I would highly recommend waiting a little while before purchasing and I would definatly test it for about a month before moving any documents or work projects to the newer version.

I lost 4 days worth of emails just in the testing process before moving to an upgrade.

Blah. Microsoft, once again has engineered bloatware.

I say beware and pay heed.


Have you tried NeoOffice (recently)?

I work in a M$ Orifice environment and use OO almost exclusively (have to use outlook for email). I have not had anyone notice that my docs are not Orifice, nor have I had any issues opening Orifice docs.

Thanks for the heads up Wock. I’ve heard it’s crud from a quite a few reviewers and the loss of VBA and lack of a trial download was the deal breaker for me. I also couldn’t give a damn about Exchange Server support, Entourage or Express Media.


NeoOffice is pretty good for light weight use, but I’ve had a few crashes when I was experimenting with Base as a frontend from MySQL using mysql’s JDBC driver. I wiped it though because at the end of the day it’s an M$ Office clone and as such it emulates about 90% of M$ features that I don’t like or use.

I’ve just put my £55 towards iWork 08 and I’m chuffed by how competent that suite is for my needs.

On a PPC running Leopard 10.5.2, I installed Office '08 and found it was impossible: slow, slow, slow. Also, none of the new features were useful to me. I had already dropped Entourage for Mail, iCal, and Address Book and found they are better integrated than the components of Entourage.

So I uninstalled Office '08 and began to use iWork '08. Happy discoveries: I can open Word, PPoint, and Xcel files, revise, and export back to same. Plus the interfaces are clear and clean. The floating palette in Pages is a honey: all I need in one tabbed box. With iWork, plus Bean for quick letters, I’ve said farewell to Office and its bloat.

MS Office '08 is a breathtaking offer, in my opinion: They take away (!) an important part of the suite (VBA), they almost add nothing in Excel for example - but they still charge hefty.

If this is no example for chuzpe, then I don’t know.

I completely agree. Honestly, what is the incentive for Mac users to use M$ Office 2008?

To open and save to DOCX’s properly…no other real reason.

I know Pages imports DOCX files, but only within limits. Any complex styles, particularly numbering list styles, and anything with a border or a background, gets turned into a dog’s dinner when you import it into Pages.

So yeah, Mac users in a business environment - Office for Entourage & Word. Not exactly a GOOD reason, of course. I think it’s a testament to how obfuscated the ‘open’ Open-XML format actually is. Which is quite funny, because now that MS has finally released the spec for the binary Office formats, they’re quite simple by comparison.

Didn’t know they’d released them. Does this mean future updates of OOo/Neo will deal with .docs perfectly?

Look here: [url]]

There are a few good discussions of Office 08 over at ArsTechnica’s Mac forum involving one or two of the MBU developers. Lots of good info/feedback. Worth a read, IMO … 4008460931 … 6001720931 … 2006340931