Microsoft Office binary file formats open to the public


I wonder if the Apple boys will update their doc /xls/ppt im/exporters in the near future.

Would be great.

only problem is MS has moved to the .docx format


would be nice though if apple updated their converters/importers/exporters to support the legacy MS format

A problem for whom, that’s the question – for the users or for Microsoft?

Coming up with a new file format doesn’t make the millions of documents in doc format vanish.

And although I’m not one of the people who are yelling ‘Ha! This is the final nail for Microsoft’s coffin! They are dying!!!’ a little bit to fast every time when someone is complaining about Vista &c. I still found it quite interesting that they dared to come up with a new file format and a new UI at the same time.

While a free competitor like OpenOffice is a perfect clone of the old UI and will be able to handle the doc format perfectly in the near future now that the specifications are out.

Some companies will think a lot more about what their next office software will be than they had between the last two versions.

But maybe Outlook will make the pendulum swing to Redmond once again.