Microsoft to Acquire Yahoo?

A bit off the usual topic but interesting.

What on earth will Microsoft actually be buying for all of that money? I don’t get it.

Does this make sense to you?


You forget some of M$ last ventures: ME, XP, Vista, Office 2008, IE7.

You really don’t expect “sense” to factor into their decisions do you?

Silly me.


Yeah, this is to eliminate competition and take on Google. Especially considering Google’s movement to web apps, etc. as a challenge to MS Office. So they can play in each other’s back yard.

Well by consuming yahoo they would get,

Another large search engine market making their Live search have a bigger customer base so then they can control more consumer searches like they already do with Live Search. (MS practices some methods that some such as myslef feel is unethical when it comes to search results)

They would get FLICKR photo community. A huge boon for aquiring a “social networking” site.

Geocities hosting services would be owned by Microsoft giving them a huge free ad service access for “free web hosting” that is supported by advertising.

Huge free email service that they can pollute with MS approved ads, marketing, and propritary online functions.

Huge social networking portal (Groups and chat rooms).

AIM is the #1 instant messenger used. Yahoo is #2 I think then MSN is 3rd.

Combine MSN messenger and Yahoo Messenger and they may become the #1 messenger used. If they do then they can “control” instant messenging more due to the large use of their service. This would be the biggest “boon” since IMing is so popular and MS has never truly gotten to dominate this “social” technology since AOL and Yahoo kicked their teeth in and most people would use AIM or YIM.

THey could offer everything “Google” has to offer and try to move people away from “Goggle Internet Apps” and back onto propritary online apps.

And they would get something “cool” to make them look like they are the “good guy”. The only cool thing they had was Bungie and Bungie left MS so they need some “cool” factor to woo consumers.

The aquisition of FLICKR would be a huge gain for them to get better ingrained into “social networking sites”

And last but not least,

Bil Gates is the Devil and he wants to own everything computer related and especially the INTERNET and 40+ billion is chump change for a company that has over 600 Billion.


Microsoft needs someone that can do at least some decent design and coding because everything they have ever developed so far has always been and will always be bloatware, sub-par, mediocre, and especially non-cutting edge.

They need some non-brainwashed MS coders to give them a refresh and some new blood to help the bleeding and dying giant.

Could you please explain what makes "Goggle Internet Apps’ any less proprietary than Microsoft apps? As far as I know, their stuff runs on the same browsers that Google apps do.

Yes, Yahoo. A company so cool that it supplied the identity of Shi Tao to the Chinese government. In reality, MS could not find any real head way against the vast user base that Google commands, so they do what they always do … they bought one. It would have been nice if they could actually come up with a service that was competition for Google, but there you go. The company is now so riddled with management that believes that protecting the monopoly is the company’s prime objective, that innovative ideas and products are pretty thin on the ground.

Yes, it’s comments like this that make me embarrassed to admit that I’m a Mac user.

Would that be the same ‘evil’ Bill Gates who has donated a sizeable proportion of his personal fortune to tackling world poverty? Would that be the same Satan-worshipping Bill Gates who has given half a billion dollars to universities across the world for AIDS research.
Or is it that infamous Bill Vader, creator of Vista Dark Side Edition, who has donated $1.5billion for the provision of childhood vaccinations for the world’s poorest countries?


You’re just quoting every trendy comment you’ve read on the 'net. At least try to be original.

The coders are not the problem. They have some of the finest minds going; what they lack is forward thinking managers.

Oh, and a marketing department.

Microsoft will make their online APPs propriatary format so that you would need to use their “new format” they are shoving through for a standard instead of working with current open source formats available. In other words you are going to need the new version of Office to use all the features or to share documents with others. Of course you will need IE 7 to unlock all the “features” that would be available for all their online tools and golly shucks they quit developing IE for Mac years ago as well as the new DRM features in WMA format. You know PC only. Ever tried to rent a movie for immediate play on netflicks? Wel only on a PC running their Windows only WMA DRM.

Used the new Office? You know the one that is not fully compatible with the New Mac version 2008? Hope you didn’t use VBA on the Mac since it was dropped entirely on 2008. No macros for Mac users. Your gonna have to use 2004. But 2004 doesn’t support the new 2007 Office format and Microsoft’s switch to their XML formats now being used in the new Office. Guess if your company uses macros in Office 2007 then you are going to have to boot into WIndows and use office 07 or just not use any macros.

This is typical Microsoft. Lock you into a format and keep you in a format. Ever heard of that platform independent format called JAVA?
You know the one Microsoft illegally modified to work with ONLY Microsoft products? So when you went to a webpage that was developed using Microsoft products and Microsoft’s version of JAVA it would be incompatible unless you were using a MS product.

You know, the situation where the Government had to step in and spend MILLIONS of taxpayers money to sort the issue out. The same situation that drove NETSCAPE to almost bankruptcy and defeated them in the market for competetion until they switched over to the opensource project Mozzilla. The same one where AOL, Netscape, Sun were furious at MS and had to spend MILLIONS in court fees to fight the goliath because the people in the world wanted to use another browser BESIDES Internet explorer. YOu know the situation in the end where the US Government said it was ILLEGAL for Microsoft to distribute or modify JAVA in all future releases of their OS software. SO everyone that owned a PC from that point on has had to download and install JAVA separately. MS to act in normal Microsoft ways decided to instead of getting behind JAVA develop their own new XML standard and move all their users and developers AWAY from JAVA and towards their new format that they are trying to shove through to become a “standard”. A “standard” that of course wouldn’t be open but proprietary. Hence not an “open standard” but one they privately own and control.

Take a look at all the new Office Products. Notice the format change?

MS will be the first to tell you they will do everything in their power to keep proprietary format to ensure license fees.

Ask anyone about Microsoft’s stance on virtualization and open source format.

Yeah Yahoo is corporate and bows down to government issues. It was wrong what they did at Yahoo China. Was also bad that Verizon turned over names to the FBI, Comcast and a few other ISP would block certain ports or speed regualte certain ports of their competitors to ensure that “their products” would reign supreme.

Also sucks that companies like VALVE (gaming) wanted a cool million from developers to move Valve to the Mac.

Sucks Microsoft locks users into DRM with the new Vista. Nothing like having a company look at everything on your computer and let THEM decide whether you should run it, view it, or install it, after they approve it. Or that they take a footprint of your hardware to ensure that anytime you make a hardware change.

Sucsk that MS in 98 had hidden directories that chaced all your emails, and cached what DVD’s you watched in Windows Media Player and sent that information back to Microsoft.

Also sucks that Microsofts new OS can call home or call out without ANY third party product not owned by Microsoft notifying the consumer. You know those certain functions of the OS that anyone not MS is not privvy to.

Really sucks the US governement made into LAW REAL ID piggy backed onto a must pass Budget without debate or discussion.

If you look hard enough any company you can name somewhere is doing something that someone doesn’t like. I was just pointing out the “cool” fator or how the Public “percieves” something.

Yahoo is considered “cool” by a lot of average users.

They do have a larger email users base than Green Peace, BMW, COMCAST, NBC, and MTV combined.

So a guy donates some money and he is the greatest guy on the plant.

Ok do the math. Take all the money he “donated” to chairtiy for a good public image. Now subtract all the money from all the employees that have lost their jobs because of MS aggressive and unsavory business practices.

Let’s look at a few.

Internet Explorer.
Microsoft bought rights to IE. It was developed by another company. Microsoft was to pay ROYALTIES to the company that developed IE but guess what? They never did. The company that developed it could not afford to fight MS in court because once again MS business practice is to bury someone in courts costs, etc that they run out of money.

Unpaid royalties alone is many times more than any that was “donated”.

Remember NETSCAPE?
How many employees lost their job over that?

Vaporware. A defining tool in the MS product line. A company announces they are releasing a new technology. MS announces they are doing the same. Everyone waits for MS to release their product. No product ever comes to market. The original company goes bankrupt. No competition now for MS and all it cost MS was the cost of doing a public release.

How about how MS gives their products an unfair advantage at proprietary APIs for their software. Unavailable to third party developers this gives MS products certain abilities and extra speed compared to their competitors, influencing consumers to once again buy MS products.

Many developers and coders have lost jobs to vaporware alone, take into account all the companies that have fizzeled and died becuase they tried to compete with MS and their products were “Slow and buggy” because for some reason when you ran MS products on a MS operating system they worked better than the competition’s because of these “private” APIs

Sometimes humor or sarcasm may be missed in text alone.

I would point you to the source code that was released on the net and you can read the cuss words, racial comments, bloated and poor code in some of Microsoft’s products and I would ask. If I wanted a streamline program would I want thousands of lines to be taken up with coders comments on disgruntlement and political views?

Also I would ask technology is Microsft given credit for DEVELOPING? Not purchasing, not absorbing, but actual developing?

If it takes “donating money” to be a “good guy” I would kindly point out that Phillip Morris donates Millions to cancer research, Exxon, Texaco, and BP donate millions on new alternate energies and yet Phillip Morris is responsible for more deaths from cancer from their products, Texaco, Exxon, and BP pollute more than most companies.

That is called PR. You know, the thing that makes people “trendy” and to come to the realization that someone is a great person because they donated a tiny portion of their profits to a “good cause”. It is not how they obtained those profits, just that they gave some back to the needy.

Nothing like purchasing humanity and morals. This guarantees the rich can exploit everyone else and still obtain sainthood in the public’s eyes.

With that in mind I know I am going to hell. I drive an SVU, I smoke and drink, I paid all my taxes, and all I donated this year to charity was an old couch.

Oh well, I can live with that. I live by the idea that you judge a person by their actions not by their marketing abilities.

My guess is that Microsoft wants Yahoo! in order to compete with Google in the web advertising arena. By the way, guys, Bill Gates has been slowly relinquishing control of Microsoft over the years. If you want a boogeyman, I suggest venting your ire on Steve Ballmer. He’s the guy running things over in Redmond.

Well the open source format you’re referring to, lacked the specs required to render large chunks of the Office format, so even if MS was inclined to use ODF, the lack of a formula language for the spreadsheet would have made it a non-starter.

Er … no. As per normal, Office will save and read in the older format, so you can still move documents between different versions.

So … what’s your point exactly?

I’ve never really understood why folk who spend most of their waking hours whining about Microsoft, then turn round an whine some more when they they don’t write enough software for them. The Mac is not MS’ core business. Get used to it. I did.

They’re dropping VBA across the whole line unfortunately, so it didn’t really make much sense to go all that trouble to port it to the new processor. It’s not really much different to Apple dropping Carbon support for 64-bit processors.

Ah. Not like Apple then:slight_smile:

Java is not a ‘format’, it is a programming language. You cannot use it store files. And would that be the same Java that Apple built a Cocoa-bridge for, then pulled it from under the developers? Would that be the same Java that Apple insists on doing all on it’s own, and now runs a year behind releases on other platforms?

Mmmmm … that’s not strictly true. In fact, we had no problem running MS byte code on IBM boxes. The problem was that MS put their own stuff iin the default packages, when the license clearly said that they had to go into the extensions library. It wasn’t much of a problem, but Sun was concerned that unwary developers might use the packages that were not available on other platforms. I never met a developer who was caught out, and many did like the MS JVM because it ran like a bomb (which you would expect). I was a bit of a purist in those days, so I did mind quite a bit as I remember.

Right, you don’t really know anything about Java do you? Java is not a file format and is not something that can be used to replace XML. Java is a programming language and the problem was that it was not fast enough to write desktop applications with. The MS version was … on Windows at least, but they way they did it did not sit well with Sun, even though that many developers did want Sun to adopt some of MS’s ideas to make Java more palatable on the desktop.
The Office format is XML, and it is not a special sort of XML; it is just XML.

Yes, because everyone asked them to change it to XML … :smiley:

Just like any other commercial company. If you want true openness then you want Open Source. I didn’t see Apple licensing out the DRM format to other MP3 player manufacturerers either.

Well I asked the bloke next to me, and he was happy with the new virtualization license which means that folk can run Windows on Macs at a fraction of the price that they could last month. He doesn’t think MS does much with Open Source though.

They’re a business. Do you expect them to do it for the warm fuzzy feeling?

You read that somewhere didn’t you? … :slight_smile:

If you don’t use DRM media, then Vista doesn’t care. Unfortunately, if you want to play Blu-Ray media, then it has to run through a DRM layer, that is also contained in PS3s and every Blu-Ray player on the market. That’s not a Vista thing, that is a crappy Media Industry thing.
MS could of course, strip all the DRM out, but then they would have a few million customers complaining that they can’t play their HiDef disks on Vista. You do know that without the decoder, these Blu-Ray disks won’t play at all.
No you probably didn’t.

Does it really? First I’d heard of it. Have you got a link for that?


How do you think Apple makes their five-computer rule work?

Yup. Perception is everything. And the problem is that while folk are so focussed on how ‘evil’ MS is, other companies are getting away with murder.

I see. So that money is not really being donated to charities trying to fight Aids. The Foundation does not really hand over millions for innoculations in Africa.

It looks to me that you judge people by the negative marketing bounces around the internet echo chamber, and not by their actions at all; but if you prove that Gates is siphoning the money back into his own pocket, then I’ll be convinced.

The hidden files in MS 95/98 … iles.shtml

Microsoft forces Major Internet websites to NOT promote Netscape as their price for Windows placement.

Another old article explaining why MS in such a hurry to try to dominate the “internet” market knowingly compramised consumer security in order to dominate the growing internet market. Wow and how much has security issues in Windows Operating systems cost companies money, tax payers money, and home users money in insecure computer hacks, phishing, viruses, trojans, identity theft, etc etc etc.

Here is another old article on MS and their fear of JAVA and what predatory tactics they used to try to stifle JAVA development, you know, when they strong armed intel to drop 14 months of developing a new technology for JAVA, and bought DimensionX to further hamper Sun. …
This is where you read about how MS developed J++ where they changed Java to NOT be platform independent as intended but rather platform specific (Windows only)
You wouldn’t happen to have a J++ developer tool for linux/unix/osx would you?

Here is a cute one. Here you can read how Microsofts products shoddy job at generating html has lead to so much internet grammatical errors :slight_smile:

How about the “Steve Barkto” incident? LOL that was funny!

How about how Microsoft submitted doctored video to the US Department of Justice and the Anti-trust court session.
Nothing like some good old lying under oath. … bshell.htm

Whoops they tried it again! LOL

THe one I like was how Microsoft would scavenge your Hardware ID even if you chose NOT to do so. They later claimed it was a “bug”
People who like Privacy howled at this news when it broke out to the public. … ants_down/

Here is a cute one. Here is an interview where Bill Gates himself tells the world that there are NO SIGNIFICANT BUGS in Microsoft released software. Instead it is people just not using their software correctly.

But of course all of this is just inerent gossip and MS was never uner the scrutiny of the Justice Department for its anti-competive and predatory business practices. All that was made up from the creators of UFOs and Area 51 fanatics to swoon us away from the gentleness of heavenly ways that Bill Gates acted upon. Also all this happend when Bill Gates was running the show and Steve Ballmer is another fictional story entirely.

As to the question of format ask yourself this. If I do a project in Office 2007 and save it in the NEW format can an older version open the new version?

The answer is NO.

THe user would have to DOWNSAVE to an OLDER format in order to be compatible. Of course doing this can lose some of the features of the NEW format so is everyone going to Use Office 2007 but save in older formats? Nope. The people with older versions will need to upgrade.

ANyone remember the same thing with Word 95 and Word 97?

Oh and Bill Gates is worth $24.49 BILLION dollars in MS stock alone.

THe money he has “donated” to charity is a drop in the bucket.

If Bill Gates has donated less than 1% of his net worth.

Not even a 1/2 percent of his total worth. more like 0.25%

Take a person worth 1 Million dollars and lets say they donate $2,500 to charity do we consider that is HUGE contribution to society?

I mean WOW!

YOu know come to think of it me donating that couch compared to my net worth I actually contributed more value wise than Bill Gates did.

Now just think if he donated 10% of net worth to"good causes" like lets say most church people donate 10% tithe to help their local church.
That would be almost 2.5 Billion dollars!

But I know 10% is a lot. Maybe 1%? That would help Aids in Africa a whole lot if they got a donation of 250 Million dollars!

Now of course this is just with his stock options. This doesn’t count salary, corporate benefits and assests, just his stocks.

It is not that I gossip on the net. I just think when you see someone that has been so predatory in their business actions to toss around “chump change” to good causes to buy a good name is sad. The saying “put your money where your mouth is” comes to mind.

Giveing away less than a 0.25% is not much of a sacrifice for a good cause.

I have also noticed a pattern when discussing Microsoft. Those that are Gung ho and dreamy eyed over Microsft are usually not end users but are IT/Developers.

Reason. If MS products worked as good as Linnux/OSX you would not need as many IT people.

Kinda like building a car that doesn’t break down much. Mechanics would hate it.

Ever notice that UNIX/Linnux Server farms need Less IT than supporting MS Operating sytems.

Job security.I mean if they actually built something that didn’t need 24/7 support so much then I guess a lot of people would lose jobs, prices on services and products would fall because of less overhead, and companies would make more money, but those that are in IT departments cringe at the idea of things running too smoothly becuase of course then they would have no justification for large budgets, staffs, etc etc etc.


Those that know best how shoddy MS software is depend on its instability for job security.

Weird. If they chose say MAC OSX or Linnux they would have more stability, less viruses, less support BUT less need and then they themselves would be carrying their stuff out in boxes and looking for a job that has too much talent floating around and not enough jobs.

Hey if you think Bill Gates is an awesome cool dude and a philanthropist that is cool. Each to their own. Nothing like an astroturf marketing campaign. Good old paying people to show public support.
Of course IT have to support MS becuase without it they will have to alter their careers…

Sad though that many people give more than 10% of their net worth and nothing is ever mentioned about them.

Oh well.