Microsoft Word as external editor in Sync with the project?

Hi all,

I’m new here and new to Scrivener - so please excuse my maybe dumb question - could not find something about this. If I should have overseen it please forgive me. :slight_smile:
Read trough some docs though.

So my question is:
Is it possible to work eg. in a Microsoft Word Document and keep the updated document in synchronisation to Scrivener? I know that this seems to be possible with pdfs, the case seems to be that obviously all Word-Files have to be imported and converted as rtf first, so that they are not the original any more. Which is of course fine because it’s non destructive.
It would be great though if one could keep eg. a word document in original .doc-Format in the “research” Folder making changes inside of it and keep it updated / synchronised within the “research” Folder.
I want to do this because of the formatting capacities of MS Word - after importing as rtf some formating get’s lost (eg. the Hyperlinks are not clickable anymore after the conversion).
I guess it’s not possible? If not then I have to make an other workflow setup I think.

Thanks in advance for any help :wink:
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I’m sorry but no, that isn’t possible.

You could create a link to the Word original in the References pane, but if you actually import the file into the Binder it’s going to get converted to RTF.


If the matter is just preserving the hyperlinks, you can resave the documents in Word as RTF files, then import those; they’ll come into Scrivener with the external links intact that way.

Thanks Katherine and Jennifer for your answers and the suggestions.

I will try to go the “convert as rtf”-way first then, so it’s no biggie - being just approximating what’s the best way to go with the flow.