Microsoft Word Multiple User

My machine went tits up. Would not boot. I saved everything by using the Powerbook to act as the master to the desktops slave. I also had Time machine backups, on line backups, spare hard drives, USB sticks.
I was covered.

Current situation: The machine is working and is full of duplicate files, no problem. Will sort it out later, when I have time, that mythical area in life when you scout out around for something to do.

The problem: Microsoft office suite does not work as it says I have too many users on, and the licence only allows one. I deleted the programs and reinstalled. Same answer. I went to Bill Gates site and in order to get help I have to get the ID number of the licence. In order to do that the program must run…
Now you know why he is so rich by saving on the help lines.

Where can I find the file that says I have multiple users ?
Is it inside a file and I have to rem it out ?

As God is my witness I will never buy a Microsoft program again. Over £400 and no backup.

If you have physical media for Microsoft Office, the license code should be in the case. If not, start digging through your email, as you’ll need it to get a legit install working anyway.

Did you reboot in between deleting and reinstalling MS Office? If not, try that. Also try emptying the trash. You might also use Spotlight to poke around for bits of Office in odd places.

Good luck!