Migrate file from mac to pc: error


I’ve been working on Scrivener Mac for a long time but in the office we work with PC. So I tried to open a Mac file on the PC, it worked but I couldn’t see any actual ‘words’, only the categories in the binder. Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Is your Windows Scrivener updated to the latest version?

Yes both programs are updated. I can’t seem to make the Scrivener file work on the mac or vice versa. I don’t know a lot about computers so that might be the issue too :slight_smile:

What I do for now is in the office, I write on Scrivener for Windows, then I copy the entire draft into a Word document, email it to myself and then copy the draft into Scrivener on my Mac. Its a little tedious and I know things can be much easier. So here you come in, please help! :slight_smile: