Migrate TexPresets.bin on Windows to Styles.plist on a Mac?

I have been using both a Macbook and a Windows 7 workstation to write a technical document using Scrivener. Keeping the .scriv file in dropbox, and opening the file from either computer has been seamless and relatively painless. Early on I created an extensive list of Text Presets on the windows box, and would like to move them to the Mac rather than recreating them.

Is there a cross-platform way to do this, or something that can convert the TextPresets.bin to a Styles.plist or vice versa?

You won’t have any luck trying to convert Qt formatting presets to OS X text engine presets. It might not always be the case that we rely upon the respective native text engines to store formatting attributes, but for now, the best way to “port” between platforms is to create a boilerplate file in your project that has all of the presets applied to text within it (so one paragraph per preset). Then you can use this file to create or update the presets on the other machine.