migrating to windows from mac - solved

hi, I’m currently experimenting to see if i like Scrivener on Windows or if I’ll have to splash out on new Mac. Ive got Scrivener on old Mac and Ipad, which sync nicely. I downloaded trial on Windows. Downloaded Dropbox, signed in and it populated Srivener folder with all my projects.
Opened Scrivener and clicked Sync/External folder. When i browsed and selected the newly populated Scrivener folder in Dropbox i got message saying folder has to be empty so that Scrivener can create files and also says folder syncing should not be used to sync between different machines?
What should be the process for either migrating from Mac or using/syncing between Mac, PC and Ipad?
To add to my woes, I had to deauthorise my Mac from Dropbox to add it to Windows, and now having signed in again on the Mac, I have no sync options on the Mac either!

Ok, so I open the projects in the Dropbox folder and take it from there. Sync happens.


Sean Sherlock

Sync with external Folder is for editing some of your documents using another piece of software, not for syncing entire Scrivener projects for use by other computers running Scrivener.

If you’ve already figured out how to sync between Mac Scrivener and iOS Scrivener, then you should just do the same on your Windows computer; install the dropbox app, use the same logon id and password to set up sync, and then open the project from within the Dropbox folder on your windows computer hard drive.

If you’re still running version 2 for Mac, there’s nothing else to do.

If you’re running Mac version 3, you’ll have to use the File menu to save each project in “version 2” format, which the current released Windows version (and iOS) can open.

Hello, if you could solve?
I would like to know how you did it because I am not very clear

I simply opened one of the files in the Dropbox folder on my Windows machine. When I closed it after some changes, scrivener updated the file in Dropbox which then synced the the equivalent Dropbox folders on my MacBook and IPad.
Thanks for your reply.