Migrating to Windows

It’s been a while since I checked in here. I’m excited to see a new v.3 on the horizon (or already here, depending on what platform you are on).

I am currently using Scrivener for Mac and am about to migrate to a PC. As such, I plan on buying the latest version of Scrivener for Windows. I only have one Scrivener project that I will want to take with me over to Windows. Will the Mac file open on the PC? Do I need to export it from within Mac Scrivener?

Also, when will v.3 for Windows be released?

The current release version of Scrivener for Windows uses the Mac Scrivener format. Just transfer the project to the Windows machine by any convenient method, and you should be ready to go. (Please do not dispose of the Mac until you’ve confirmed that everything is working, though.)

We do not announce release dates in advance. Sorry.

Windows Scrivener 3 will use a different project format, as does Mac Scrivener 3. Open a Scrivener 2 project in Scrivener 3, and it will be converted to the new format automatically.