Mind mapping compatible with Scrivener

Hi all,
I’m a new Mac user and I’m looking for a good mind mapping software compatible with Scrivener.

I’m also looking for a timeline software. I don’t have complex timeline to do, but it has to be visually really clear.

Thanks for all advices,

It would have been better to post this in “Software by Other Folk” – not many people will come here apart from Scrivener staff – I’m only here by chance.

A good place to look for Mac software is:


Aeon Timeline is the ideal program for Scrivener users, as it is designed to integrate with Scrivener. There is a good article on mind-maps here:

brettterpstra.com/2011/05/22/the … ravaganza/

Cheers, Martin.

Thanks Martin,
I reposted this message where you said.
Many thanks for the links, I will have a look ++