Mind Mapping Software - Freeplane

Application for Mind Mapping, Knowledge Management, Project Management. Develop, organize and communicate your ideas and knowledge in the most effective way using this redesigned version of well known FreeMind created by one of its key developers.

This program has numerous export formats including OPML which makes importing into Scrivener a dream.

Freeplane development has really taken off now, and in the latest “Preview” version (1.2.1) they have introduced a new feature - “Details” which mean you can have three major blocks of information associated with each node (the others being:, the main node text, and a “Note”). Viewing of the Details and Notes blocks can be toggled on and off. The Note text can also be edited in a separate vertical or horizontal split window with rich text formatting. All in all it now Freeplane now provides quite a lot of the eagle-to-ant’s-eye view-switching functionality of Scrivener, plus of course it’s a wonderful mapping tool. For past fans of Freemind (which still exists but with glacial development) Freeplane is a huge improvement and the developers are very responsive to suggestions. For me it’s particularly useful for teaching purposes, being free and cross-platform.