Mindmap system inside Scrivener?

I went through the wish list section of the forum and I have found that I’m really not the only one enjoying mindmap software to clarify my thoughts and ideas.

I did read that we can now import from Freemind software, which is great! (Haven’t tried it yet; that would be another software to learn for me beside Scrivener himself!) :confused: but it’s great nonetheless! :mrgreen:

In a near… or not so near… future/version, would it be possible for Scrivener to have it’s own mindmap system (with no import required)?

I used to used “Vue” as mindmap; really not the best software and I would not even recommend it (I’ve abandoned it myself) but what I did enjoy with Vue was the way I could start writing a complex plot or a multiple POV kind of story. Vue works with “boxes” (reminds me of the “corkboard” with an added possibility of putting arrows around and pinning the “cards” wherever we want). I could start “boxes” and aligned them to start threads of plots, and them placing them around in terms of which one was coming first and second. I abandoned mostly because from there, I could not import the storyline anywhere and I had to retype the whole story. Plus, when I was making changes in Vue, I could not select a whole thread; I had to select the boxes one by one and rearrange the whole thing. It became an impossible task as my plot was WAY too complex and to massive in terms of “fitting in the screen” (it was NOT fitting in one screen and would have been impossible to anyway!)

For me, this could have been a way to “sketch” a story. The brainstorming of the very first draft. I replace it with excel, believe it or not; not that flexible, but at least, I can add rows and column here and there which “moves the whole thread” like I wanted. A walk-around that is…

I would see this option as major enough, like you already have the “document/scrivener” mode, the “corkboard” mode, and the “outlining” mode. I would see this mindmap system as a fourth mode. Once the brainstorming is done and the “cards” are all the the right place, it would be a dream-like if it could just be brought as “the first draft” (all cards in the “right order” in the corkboard, for example and the few lines written in the mindmap on each card could become the base “texts documents”. From there, we could start the first writing draft :mrgreen:

That would be AWESOME!!! :mrgreen:

Scapple works fantastically well … It’s an outside programme, but an `inside job’.



True, but Scapple isn’t available on Windows, so that probably won’t help the OP much at the moment. :wink:

Oops … :blush:


When I worked as an adviser to managers of small firms, and as a non-exec director, it was very striking how many of them were tempted by what, during the Vietnam War, was dubbed “mission-creep” - expanding a product or service by grafting on to it related products or services. Often such a step seemed like a no-brainer - after all, if, say, a TV production company was good at making quiz shows, wouldn’t it be good at making quiz-based computer games as well?

Occasionally, this kind of step succeeded - usually for reasons no one expected - perhaps a member of the original team just happened to have hidden talents in the new area of activity.

But not often, and certainly not always. Quite often, taking on the new activity was a “bridge too far” - not something the firm had the skills to perfect. Hence the (over-used) management clichés “Stick to your knitting”, and “Don’t re-invent the wheel”*. Like many clichés, they have the virtue of being true.:slight_smile:

*I don’t think Scapple is an example that contradicts this. Scapple isn’t a re-invention - it’s different and fresh.

Well said, Master Hugh, well said!!


I would just add that the corkboard and outliner are both essentially linear views of the same data, and as such is it entirely possible to drill down into subfolders with these views. A mind-map is non-linear, and it would not be possible to have it as a view that works like the outliner and corkboard. Anyway, as I’ve explained elsewhere in more detail, there are no plans to add a mindmap to Scrivener, as it is way out of scope, but hopefully Scapple will come to Windows one day. :slight_smile:
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