I am looking at Scrivener. It looks like it will be really useful for me.

The one thing that would really help me in my workflow is to transfer my mind maps from ‘Mindjet MindManager for Mac’ into Scrivener. There is an outline view and there is an export function in MindManager but there is no compatibility. Ideally, a simple “open file…” which took the mind-map file and extracted the outline from it, would really help.

My document flow is MindManager -> Scrivener -> Apple Pages -> Audience.

I hope this helps your development process.


Bumping this because I’m currently working on a digital fiction project (and will be for the next 5 years).

Scrivener is working GREAT for the writing. I do find, however, that when it comes time to build a networked structure in a hypertext (nonlinear, beyond Scrivener’s outlining capabilities), I’m going back and forth between my Scrivener corkboard and C-Maps (mind-mapping). C-Maps is nice because it is pretty flexible, and you can add images and the like.

Just a thought from a writer in a slightly different genre.

I think this topic was also broached here - https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/a-more-real-cork-board/5538/10

A mind-mapping capability with the corkboard, similar to C-Maps but linked into the Scrivener chapters, would be awesome.


If you can export the file, what’s the format? If it’s TXT or RFT, you’ll have no problem bringing it into Scrivener. If it’s in a proprietary format, that would put me off buying MindJet in the first place.

Curio is a lot more versatile, and export is not a problem.
See zengobi.com/support/articles/AR050300.html

You might try TextWrangler (free) to see if you can massage the MindJet files and save them as RTF.

Or, if your mind map app can export to OPML, Scrivener can import OPML these days, too.
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