Mindnode - opml - scrivener problem


I’ve created a mind map using the free version of Mindnode. Exported it as an opml file.

Scrivener will not open it, telling me that it cannot open files in the ‘MindNode Document’ format.

But I’ve saved it as an opml, so why won’t it open it?

I’m probably missing something really obvious, but this is starting to drive me mad, as the only reason I bought Scrivener was because Ed Dale was banging on about how great it is to take a mind map and import it into Scrivener.

Any suggestions gratefully received.



Are you using File > Import > Files…? Or are you dragging the OPML file into the binder? Either should work. Oh, wait, you’re not trying to use File > Open… or “Open With” from the Finder, are you? If so, that won’t work because Scrivener can only open .scriv files - you need to import such files into an existing Scrivener project (create one if you need to).

Hope that helps,