The projects I’m working on involve a lot of research and phone calls.
I LOVE Scrivener’s “research” folder idea in the binder, and it’s really what sold me on buying the program.
In the course of my projects, I’m amassing a LOT of phone numbers that I like to store with the projects in case I have problems and lose my phone or something. Currently, I’m creating documents in a research folder in the binder to store the numbers, and that solution works, but I’m wondering how difficult it might be to add a mini-database to the actual program to store things like contact information for sources (even tying interview files such as audio, video and text files to contact entries).

For instance, one of my contacts, “Ken,” has three phone numbers and a couple of e-mail addresses. I have one wikipedia page saved for him in the research folder, two text files and several image files. It would be nice to be able to have a contact item that would link to all of those things for future reference and speed of recall.

Suit yourself, but I can think of other ways to store this data, instead of locking it into a Scrivener project file.

The Address Book in Apple now “talks” to other apps. Examples are the AB widget, Skype and Bento. Anything you write in the Address Book will show up in the linked apps. So there you have associated databases, and in one of them you may make calls for cheap or free.

If you want to keep notes or a log on the phone calls, almost any note-taking software will do. In Skype, the Show Info (Cmd-I) command opens a window with two tabs, Profile and Notes. If you use Apple Mail, create Notes and To-Dos there, and display them with the widget Organized from

Basically, you need a good PDA app that links addresses, calendar, task list, and phone. I wouldn’t look to Scrivener to do all that. (I don’t use VooDoo Pad; it might do the trick).

You could always just create a regular document within the Scrivener project and use Scrivener Links to link to all of the items you want.

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That’s what I currently do. I have an iphone app that records phone calls, which is quite handy for later transcribing. I simply email myself the audio files and then import them into Scrivener so I can transcribe while I split-screen with the audio file.

It’s also handy to have those audio files around and contained with the rest of the project if questions later appear about quotes that appear in the published text.

Scrivener is the perfect tool for that sort of thing, and I’m quite happy with it as is, but this forum is titled “wish list,” not “feature requests,” so I thought I’d throw a wish out there.

I mean, ultimately, it would transcribe phone conversations for me and then write the text so I didn’t have to, but I thought I’d keep my wishes realistic. :wink: