Mini Suggestion: Rename Cycle Focus Menu Entry


I have a tiny suggestion: Please rename the menu entry for cycling through the focus. Because as it is, you cannot change the hotkey via the system preferences, because it always changes the name, depending on what editor/binder you are. Also please give an option so that it only cycles through the two editor panes instead of the editor panes + the binder.



Rather than trying to hijack the cycle menu command, I would just learn the direct shortcuts instead. Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-E and R target the editor splits specifically, and they always go to the same one no matter where you are. CoC-B always targets the Binder. It sounds like that is what you are ultimately striving for—to have direct access rather than a cycle. If you do not like those particular shortcuts, since they are static menu items you can override them.

You will find all of the direct access keyboard navigation shortcuts in the [b]View/Move Focus To/[/b] and [b]View/Inspect/[/b] sub-menus.