Minimalist MAC?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. But I’m curious–seeing that some of you use both Linux and MAC–what might be a minimalist laptop(?) configuration to run Scrivener on a MAC. I have used the Linux version of Scrivener for quite some years now. But it appears, seeing that Scrivener for Linux has stalled, that to get the latest features of Scrivener, MAC is the way to go. I am licensed for the Windows version of Scrivener, but it runs quite sluggishly under WINE. (I have quite large research projects with many content footnotes.) I thought I’d ask your advice for a minimalist MAC that I could dedicate to using the latest features on Scrivener, whenever I might need them (e.g., spell checking within inspector footnotes, and things like that). Thx, k

I’d take a look at either the MacBook Air or the Mini, new or used. They aren’t fancy, but you don’t need much to run the latest operating system and Scrivener, it’s a pretty low-profile program as things go. With a BSD-based system, you can use familiar command-line tools if that’s your thing, even install X11 and continue to use favourite programs through that. I also ran Linux in a VM on the Air, it wasn’t too bad for performance (though it was much cleaner with XFCE than something like Gnome). I know less about the mini, it’s never seemed an attractive option for what I want. The Air is definitely more expensive, but I can take it with me and get a full day out of its battery if I want. It’s a great laptop for that—hardly any more baggage than a tablet would be.

Thanks, Amber! It looks like your suggestion would be about $400 for one of the lesser laptops (going by ebay), then the cost of the Scrivener for MAC license. Thanks for your input. k

Just be sure the model can run the latest OS; the next major release of Scrivener for Mac will likely drop support for the 32-bit versions of Mac OS X (I think? Please correct me if I’m off base here).

This link has a list of “Model Identifiers” which should serve you well for looking up the particular computer you are planning to buy:

You can can find a list of macs that can run El Capitain here (you may not even need the previous link, now that I’m looking at this list): … ments.html

@rdale: Thanks! Looks like a Macbook Air from 2013 (just to be safe) will run $600 on average at the bay. k