minimize to tray

i would like to see a minimize to tray option added.

i would also like to see some type of ‘notes’ ability to each item, so that i could add extra text that is not immediately visible in the main items, but perhaps only would popup for a few seconds if i hovered over one item, this way i could add notes to items, things of more detail or things i might want to add onto later on.

in the property panel, if the fontsize slider was reduced in size, it would save about 1/3" since the panel has alot of blankspace due to just that one slider.

it would be nice to print ‘selection only’, by selecting an area or certain items only, then printing. i rarely want to print a whole layout, usually just parts.

also, a way to freeform simple line draw with a smoothing option, to manually add lines or other simple items.