Minimum hardware, OS reason for Scrivener 3

There are certain things I just can’t do with Scrivener IOS that I can do with the Mac. I may have to purchase a used MacBook to run Scrivener 3. So, what’s the minimum requirements for hardware and Mac OS, I’ll need?

You need High Sierra for 3 (unfortunately, for us Luddites) and any hardware that will run on - probably the same as for Sierra, but you can find out on the Apple website.

Actually, according to this L&L blog post,

Scrivener 3 will require MacOS Sierra (10.12) to run, not High Sierra (10.13). A good thing, as I prefer to run a version behind the latest. :slight_smile:

What Silverdragon said. As a beta tester, I can confirm that Scrivener 3 runs successfully with Sierra, but not with El Capitan or earlier releases.


High Sierra has been remarkably smooth. Even Office 2008 still works. Of all the old apps I have, only Finale 2011 and Digital Performer 7 worked in Sierra but not in OS 10.13 with APFS and I upgraded both years ago.

Scrivener is one of only two apps important to me that are still 32 bit. Nice to see it catching up.

Since OS 10.14 promises to drop 32 bit support, I’m paying attention to the progress on this front.

Not even to allow software to run in 32 bit? If so, that means no more early Mac emulation via Sheepshaver, Basilisk, etc. Not for me. I like my museum of Mac software that will all run on the same computer.

Well, that is the promise.

I keep a G4 around for legacy apps that cannot run on my iMac. Life is too short for the amount of time that Sheepshaver et all take—and too many vintage programs are incompatible anyway. Now that LibreOffice can open many discontinued word processors, that leaves old graphics and music programs for me. None of my real work takes place there but I have a small cottage business that converts old files to something usable.

As for the 32 bit issue, I’m hoping that an emulator appears but, if not, it won’t be the end of the world for me. Scrivener 3 is now out. I hope that Band-in-a-Box goes there with the expected 2018 update (or what’s the point?). I use a couple of other 32 bit apps but there are none I depend on for anything except Office and I hope that 2016/365 finally works sometimes soon (beta testers say that MS is getting closer). DSP-Quatro has announced but I have a couple of other choices that are already 64 bit.